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Netflix Film Review: “What Jennifer Did”

By April 19, 2024No Comments

What Jennifer Did AI Scam

“What Jennifer Did” is a true-crime documentary that recently premiered on Netflix. Directed by Jenny Popplewell, the film delves into the shocking case of Jennifer Pan, a young woman whose actions led to a captivating criminal investigation. In this article, we’ll explore the film’s premise, its impact, and the reactions from viewers.

The Story

Jennifer Pan’s life takes a dark turn when she calls 911 to report that her parents have been shot. As the investigation unfolds, it becomes clear that Jennifer’s seemingly perfect family hides a web of deception, betrayal, and desperation. The film meticulously traces the events leading up to that fateful night, revealing the layers of lies and manipulation that ultimately shattered lives.

The Strengths

  1. Straightforward Narrative: “What Jennifer Did” doesn’t rely on suspense or twists. Instead, it presents a straightforward account of the events, allowing viewers to focus on the psychology behind Jennifer’s actions.
  2. Character Study: The film dives deep into Jennifer’s psyche. We see her struggle with parental expectations, academic pressure, and the desire for independence. Her choices, however misguided, become tragically understandable.

The Critic Reviews

Viewer Testimony

  • “The film left me haunted. Jennifer’s choices and the unraveling of her life were both tragic and horrifying. It’s a cautionary tale about the consequences of deception.”
  • “While lacking the usual suspense of true-crime documentaries, What Jennifer Did offers a chilling glimpse into the human psyche. Jennifer’s story reminds us that desperation can drive people to unimaginable acts.”


“What Jennifer Did” invites us to question the boundaries of morality and empathy. It serves as a stark reminder that behind every crime lies a complex human story.

Have you watched the film? Share your thoughts below.

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