Boombox Kids


Transport your designs to the neon-infused 90’s with ‘Boombox Kids’—a retro SVG color font that channels the era’s lively charm. Ideal for eye-popping posters, inviting invitations, and social media that dazzles. Download and relive the 90’s today!

Introducing “Boombox Kids” – Your Colorful 90’s Retro SVG Font

Step back in time to the neon-infused era of the 90’s with “Boombox Kids,” an electrifying SVG color font designed to bring the essence of this vibrant decade to your designs. Perfect for crafting eye-popping retro 90’s posters, inviting invitations, and captivating social media posts, this font channels the spirit of colorful 90’s boomboxes with every character.

Key Features:

Neon Nostalgia: “Boombox Kids” effortlessly captures the vivacious spirit of the 90’s, infusing your designs with neon-infused nostalgia.

Colorful Vibes: With its SVG color capabilities, this font allows you to unleash a rainbow of hues, adding a splash of excitement to your creations.

Why Choose “Boombox Kids”:

Transport your designs to the iconic 90’s era with a font that’s bursting with color and energy.
Create posters that pop, invitations that transport, and social media posts that dazzle.
It’s time to turn up the retro and embrace the vibrancy of the 90’s.

Included Files:

OTF (OpenType Font)

Revive the 90’s – Download “Boombox Kids” Now!

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Standard License, Webfont License, Social Media License, E Pub & Print License, Trademark Logo License, App & Game License, Broadcast License, Extended License, Corporate License

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